To the north-west of the city of Marburg in a small village called Caldern, situated only a few kilometres from PRACHT’s company headquarters, you will find one of the few remaining vintage bakeries: still moderately sized, conscious of its quality, known for its family tradition. Markus Schautes, owner of the bakery, takes care of the baking himself whenever his help is needed. Sacrificing the quality of his products for higher profits is something he would never do – neither that of the lighting in his bakery.

Jokingly – and pointing towards the ceiling – he says: “In here, all of us are enlightened!” As of recently, the company uses KENIA LED luminaires from PRACHT to cope with the high temperatures caused by the two baking ovens. The “enlightenment” to put his trust in PRACHT quality luminaires came to him several years ago. The models that were previously used in the “Mühlenbäckerei Pfeiffer” were also made by PRACHT.


“Light works as a motivator and improves your mood”, Schautes, who likes to spend his free time horseback riding, says. “Bakers work during the night and go back to sleep at 9 in the morning. Just imagine this during the winter months: You sleep all the way through daylight, making it even more important to have good lighting at your work place.” To him, this is reason enough to invest in the new lighting – although the existing luminaires were still perfectly intact. Without a doubt, he says: “Good lighting strongly benefits our company.”


Markus Schautes, the grandson of Ernst and Katharina Pfeiffer, took over the Caldern-based “Mühlenbäckerei” in 1987. Today, he runs one of the very few in-house manufacturing bakeries in the region. A combined 60 employees work in his six bakery shops located in Marburg and its surroundings. He also supplies another three resellers as well as various institutions such as retirement homes, youth hostels and several catering services.

“Buy local whenever you can” is one of his central business mottos. For all of his products, he uses German butter instead of margarine, flour from a neighbouring village and a corn blend boiled and weighed by hand.

Pleased, he says: “I work for those customers that value high quality. Luckily, there are still quite a few of them left!” He takes great pride in the hands-on operating principles in his bakery – a fact that he also likes to show to the younger people: “We get a number of visiting groups from kindergartens and schools.”