In the early 1970’s, the two cousins Aloys Coppenrath and Josef Wiese shared a vision of making cakes and pies and distributing them through food retail markets all across Germany. ”Flash-freezing“ – freezing products in arctic temperatures right after fabrication – was their revolutionary idea at the time. Simultaneously, they developed a unique method of continuously whipping cream. This ensured the consistent texture and taste, the factors that led to the ”creamy secret“ of the confectionary called Coppenrath & Wiese.

The cousins‘ vision – one of them a trained businessman, the other a pastry chef – paid off. Today, Coppenrath & Wiese is Europe’s largest manufacturer of cakes, pies and other pastries. The family-run business still only produces its goods in Germany. Around 70 different products leave their facilities, including the legendary Black Forest cake, strudel and even frozen baguette.

Overnight Tiefkühl-Service GmbH, a subsidiary owned by Coppenrath & Wiese that is based in Osnabrück, Germany, guarantees the safe storage of the produced goods and makes sure they reach their final recipients all across Europe on time and without any quality losses. The company’s innovative logistics concept includes storage, commissioning, packaging and transportation of frozen goods. The demand of its trading partners and retailers – to deliver high quantities in order to decrease delivery frequency while also keeping their stock as small as possible – is well met.


Sustainability and responsibility to people as well as the surrounding world form a great part of Coppenrath & Wiese’s self-understanding. For more than 15 years, the company has worked intensively to minimize the impact of its products and services on the environment. This philosophy includes the choice of materials and resources as well as the equipment of company premises and machines.

Since 2007, the motto ”For the love of our environment: less energy consumption, less emissions“ has been used by the company as part of a self-designed, comprehensive optimisation programme.


Cooperating with PRACHT helped Coppenrath & Wiese in accomplishing its goals with regards to the energy-saving policy. 250 APOLLO LED were installed in order to illuminate two company warehouses. Furthermore, the same amount APOLLO LED was used to equip the new production line facility. The figures speak for themselves:

80% energy savings related to PRACHT LED luminaires and new control technologies!

”Less is more“ represents one of the company’s central mission statements for the near future. The quality of PRACHT luminaires has helped greatly in cutting down energy consumption of a true baking industry giant.