LUNA BL RETRO - T8 LED Tube Housing - high quality at a low price
PRACHT: best choice for retro design.

One does not need to be a genious to recognize its advantages. The LUNA BL RETRO is a reliable LED tube luminaire housing. And: with the choice for this variant the wallet is relieved. With this luminaire price and performance are a statement. The benefits of the product advantages already start with the easy and quick assembly and also continues years later when, for example, an LED light source can be replaced within second - of course without screwing the housing of the LUNA BL RETRO from the ceiling. In just a few simple steps, even inexperienced employees are able to illuminate their halls and rooms in a new brightness again. The high-quality materials according to industry standards, such as stainless steel knee lever clips, extend the lifetime of the housing and all flexible components of the LUNA BL RETRO. The pre-assembled 2A fuse also ensures a safety plus. Small feature on board: The luminaire is designed in such a way that the tube can be easily packed into the luminaire housing carton in a space-saving and transport optimized solution. This makes logistics on the construction site more manageable.

Indispensable for robust use: the housing made of impact-resistant polycarbonate. The protection class IK08 withstands an impact energy of 5.0 JouleDepending on the tube, the LUNA BL RETRO can be used safely at temperatures from -20 °C to +35 °C. Thanks to the high-quality cover, the luminaire is very economical in operation without sacrificing lighting quality. Of course, the usual three-year warranty on the PRACHT BASIC LINE also applies for the LUNA BL RETRO.

Upshot: The price and performance of the LUNA BL RETRO are hard to beat. An allrounder with the motto: one fits all. The luminaire housing is compatible with almost all LED tubes with an input voltage of 230V. Easy installation and even easier replacement of LED light sources make complicated installations belonging to history. High quality materials according to industry standards leave no room for weak spots. LED Tube needed –LUNA BL RETRO first.