Völkl is a name any winter sports fan will know. The company represents unbridled passion for skiing and production of the highest-quality products. By the way, that has been the case since 1923, the year in which PRACHT was founded, too. High-quality products are produced, processed and installed from preparation of quality control in Straubing, Lower Bavaria. The plant has production facilities with some of the most modern equipment in the world. What does a merger of high-tech innovation power with traditional craftsmanship look like? It leads to precisely produced, high-quality and technically sophisticated products for hobby skiers and world-class athletes alike. The team of engineers, experienced craftspeople, visionaries, testers and innumerable athletes has achieved a plethora of achievements in skiing. Völkl has, thereby, become one of the largest ski-producing companies in the world.

“Made in Germany” as a statement, progressive technologies and outstanding products are the symphony with which Völkl made sports history. These core values determine the path that may swerve to the left or right, but always with a forward trajectory, in order to further improve the world of skiing every single day. It is of particular importance for a company that develops and produces winter sports quipment, to keep an eye on sustainability, efficiency and raw material preparation. Therefore, Völkl has committed to these subjects. The company is doing a lot to support sustainability and to protect resources. It is not surprising that the company has thought of PRACHT for illuminating its production anew. After Völkl developed the lighting concept together with an external provider, a regional company had been charged with installing the APOLLO G2 by PRACHT. The simple and high-quality processing of our luminaire makes installation and maintenance a bree


  • Longevity
  • Low maintenance needs
  • Energy saving
  • 1-handed installation possible
  • Swivelling reflectors

470 APOLLOs were used for the project that started in 2018 and will be completed this year. This way, PRACHT also contributes to keeping the Völkl star shining brightly in the skiing sky, with thousands of people rejoicing ever year over their skis, poles, touring ski skins and bags in the best quality.