High loads at high- and low temperatures

Light creates an atmosphere, creates spaces and influences our general well-being. The right lighting design in the area of architecture in combination with the corresponding luminaires promotes moods, emotions and impressions which can be hardly attained with any other type of decorative element.

Meet different requirements

Customer orientation has always been the centre of our production of luminaries. PRACHT translates your wishes professionally into action, and develops the perfect light solution for your demand. Guaranteed!

The right materials for the right solutions

Duroplast (thermoset material), thermoplastics as well as elastomers, whatever we need for realising your projects in terms of parts made of synthetic material, we will produce it for you in optimal quality. The variety of possibilities is almost unlimited, so we even meet your most specific requirements. We do that economically sound and in a flexible manner. Even special wishes in terms of colour or custom made solutions for most extreme areas of application do not cause problems for us.