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Damp proof RRM surface lamp with slim, flat and fully sealed luminaire housing made of translucent, opalised NAWAROH material. Specifically for the application in industry surroundings with higher technological expectations. Short, ageing resistant seals. Easy installation due to two spacious grid connectors. High performance LEDs, wide light distribution with ceiling illumination. Converter integrated into the luminaire housing. Converter, as well as modules can easily be exchanged. Variable mounting distances due to PRACHT-CLIP-SYSTEM made of stainless steel. Suitable for ceiling and horizontal wall mounting, accessories for pendant and mounting rail installation available for order. Housing made of more than 60% renewable raw materials. Therefore oil-, acid- and alkali- resistant and suitable for protected outdoor areas. Attention: PRACHT MANUFACTORY! Do you need a different color temperature, housing color or through-wiring? Specific challenges? No problem. We deliver customized solutions.


  • Surface luminaire
  • flat, thin housing
  • NAWAROH, acid and alkali resistant



  • LED-Konverter DIM DALI
  • LED-Konverter on/off
  • Through-wiring mm²

  • 3x1,5
  • 3x1,5+2x1,5
  • Light distribution

  • wide beam
  • Length (mm)

  • 1535
  • 1815

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