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Luminaire with reflector swivelling made of PRACHTOPAL (PMMA, impact resistant) fully sealed luminaire housing made of glass fiber reinforced white polyester with T5 lamp. Electronic ballast integrated in luminaire, substantially acid and alkali resistant with short ageing-resistant silicone seals, single piece push-fit lamp holders made of PBT (shatter proof), variable mounting points through PRACHT clip system, suitable for ceiling, pendant and horizontal wall mounting.


  • swiveling
  • allround applicable
  • for T5 LL



  • EVG Industry
  • EVG on/off
  • Through-wiring mm²

  • 4x1,5
  • 4x2,5
  • Light distribution

  • wide beam
  • medium beam
  • narrow beam
  • Length (mm)

  • 1197
  • 1497
  • 597
  • 897

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