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LED luminaire for ambient temperatures of up to +65 °C. With reflector swivelling made of PRACHTOPAL (PO, impact resistant) fully sealed luminaire housing made of glass fiber reinforced white polyester with efficient MID- power LEDs, industry converter integrated, substantially acid and alkali resistant with short ageing-resistant silicone seals, single piece push-fit lamp holders made of PBT (shatter proof), variable mounting points through PRACHT clip system made of stainless steel, suitable for ceiling, pendant and horizontal wall mounting.


  • swiveling
  • optimized for up to +65°C
  • up to 126 lm/W possible



  • LED-Konverter on/off
  • Through-wiring mm²

  • 3x1,5
  • 5x2,5
  • ohne
  • Light distribution

  • wide beam
  • medium beam
  • narrow beam
  • Length (mm)

  • 1242
  • 1542

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