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After 20 years at their company headquarters in Bissingen, where they focused on the production of dairy products, Gropper opened its second production site in Stockach on the western shores of Lake Constance in 2015. The main goal: creating capacities for cooled direct juices. “We do not take any compromises when it comes to our products”, Gropper proclaims self-confidently. That somehow sounds familiar to our core values at PRACHT. We are pleased to see that our customers adhere to the same principles that we do ourselves!

When the lighting equipment for the juice bottling line was fitted to the new Gropper building, PRACHT was awarded the project. 120 APOLLO N LED luminaires (70 W) and 20 APOLLO N LED luminaires (70 W) with emergency lighting modules were installed in the production and logistics facilities. We fulfilled all requirements by using high IP-protected luminaires of the appropriate rating and we perfectly met Gropper’s needs with regards to color temperature and color rendering.

We mastered all obstacles: A lot of luminaires had to be installed, complementing various other devices and pipes within the building. Not a very simple task at all, especially considering the fact that all light needed to be adjusted and directed at certain spots. For us, this meant that we had to define a light line and use the pivoting characteristic of the luminaires – which is one of the convenient features of PRACHT’s APOLLO N LED.

Luminaires in Gropper’s production facilities have large machines in close proximity and are surrounded by all the action associated with the production process: Bottles are being punched from larger workpieces, delicious juices and smoothies are being filled and packaged.

All in one spot. Moisture, heat and vapors are always present throughout the process, there are small splashes of juice and lots of vibration as the bottles are being transported. It is of great importance to the employees to keep the flickering of all lights at a minimum in order to ensure good working conditions!

Gropper chose our APOLLO N LED with high-bay optics as the solution for their cooled highbay warehouses and the logistics area. And that’s not the end of the story: While our LUNA N LED lights up the corridors, the building’s exterior lighting is mastered by our QUADRONIUS LED spotlights. No other manufacturer supplies any lighting for Gropper’s production – a matter that we are very proud of! So proud, in fact, that we would love to see our joint business journey continue in the future…


The Gropper company was founded as a regional dairy factory. Today, the corporation supplies direct juices and smoothies to people all across Europe. As a medium-sized company, Gropper represents quality and innovation in the food industry. The company places values on a transparent supply chain as well as complete and thorough quality assurance and is committed to the responsible use of natural resources. Gropper does not want to compromise on its products. These and all other important corporate guidelines are communicated to the 750 employees and 47 apprentices through flat hierarchical structures and fast and responsive communication channels. The premise behind the actions of all managers: “Speed is a key success factor when it comes to trade label operations. In many cases, it will only take three months to go from the initial idea to commercial market launch.”

This can only be achieved if all parties involved work together closely. According to Gropper, team spirit, commitment and enthusiasm, paired with a certain level of pragmatism and entrepreneurial thinking are therefore the company’s most treasured values.

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