Good and healthy light as a sustainable alternative

PRACHT is a family-owned company with a history of almost 100 years that offers customers practical and attractive alternatives in the field of lighting with efficient and authentic concepts. Sustainable thinking and action are an integral part of our DNA. PRACHT offers good light for industrial requirements, reduced to the essentials.

PRACHT has introduced a sustainability strategy whose central building blocks include the four “R’s”, focusing on the careful use of resources and CO 2 savings.

REMADE – Production from recycled material: Luminaires consist of up to 100% recycled plastic parts – REMADE IN GERMANY. This results in high CO² savings through the reuse of old plastic as well as short delivery routes. All of that is only possible because of our high production depth.

REBUILD – Luminaires are refurbished and reintegrated into the product cycle, thus saving CO², costs and resources.

REUSE – longer use of luminaires: Easy component replacement in PRACHT products, for example, using non-glued luminaires, modular product designs or slide technologies. In this way, resources are conserved.

REGROW – Use of plastics from renewable raw materials: Luminaires are produced from renewable plastic parts that are not dependent on crude oil. By using resource-saving biopolymers with a good CO² balance and dispensing with fossil resources, REGROW luminaires offer an alternative to conventional plastics.

An impressive result of such considerations is the KATLA REMADE. It is the first industrial luminaire for damp locations made of 100% recycled material. The luminaire convinces with excellent photometric properties, like the entire PRACHT portfolio, and is price-neutral to its conventional sister products.

The KATLA ONE is the answer to the question of a future-oriented luminaire that combines efficiency, customizability and sustainability. It is made of 100% REMADE plastic and features REUSE slide technology. The luminaire becomes a personal statement via individually designable communication surfaces. It brings PRACHT’s concentrated lighting expertise to a wide range of applications. Its versatility makes it ideal for commercial and private use.

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