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Luminaire installation made imaginably easy!

This is how easy light installation is

PRACHT stands for quality, sustainability and absolute efficiency.

Efficiency in this sense also means the easy installation of our innovative luminaires in the industrial sector and e-charging stations in the commercial and private sector.
In our company-owned PRACHT Institute of Technology (PIT), we develop our lighting technology from A to Z ourselves and take special care to do without anything unnecessary. In addition, our luminaires are constantly improved in terms of handling and usability. For mounting, for instance, we offer various pendant and mounting rail solutions and variable sliding clamps made of stainless steel for most of our luminaires. The coverings are secured against falling down at the base of the luminaire, so that the installation can also be successfully done alone.

Many of the PRACHT luminaires have the possibility of front and back cable entry by using high-quality plugs, that repel dirt and water, which also can be pierced, for example, with a screwdriver.
In the case of the COMO BL spotlight, we also offer extra-long cables that can be shortened as needed. Our KATLA series features, in addition to the above-mentioned stainless steel brackets, inspection covers on the front side for convenient power connection.
You can find simple installation videos for our luminaires online on YouTube or soon in our Service and Installation Center without any language barrier. Further information about our products can be found online at PRACHT.COM und zu E-Mobility auf PRACHTENERY.COM

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