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10.05.2022 - Luminaire installation made imaginably easy!

This is how easy light installation is
10.05.2022/by m.pruessner

10.05.2022 - New: KATLA ONE – the resource-saving lighting innovation

The KATLA ONE has a patented slide technology.
10.05.2022/by m.pruessner

9.05.2022 - The right charge for everyone!

E-mobility meets delight!
That must be easier! That was the…
9.05.2022/by m.pruessner

9.05.2022 - Our wallboxes can be installed by ANY electrician!

Electricians love our ALPHA!
9.05.2022/by Martin Rößler

3.03.2022 - Good and healthy light as a sustainable alternative

PRACHT hat eine Nachhaltigkeitsstrategie eingeführt, deren zentrale Bausteine die vier „R“ beinhalten, wobei der schonende Einsatz von Ressourcen und CO 2-Einsparung im Mittelpunkt stehen.
3.03.2022/by Martin Rößler

3.03.2022 - Easy charging in daily life

E-mobility and sustainability - just trending topics? A clear No!
3.03.2022/by Martin Rößler

3.03.2022 - One for All – Made in Germany

KATLA ONE by PRACHT is the answer to the question of a forward-thinking luminaire.
3.03.2022/by Martin Rößler

3.03.2022 - Hessen Champion 2020 in the category “Innovation”

In 2020 we were awarded for outstanding performance in the category "Innovation".
3.03.2022/by Martin Rößler

3.03.2022 - Remade in Germany – Luminaires made from recycled plastics

„Everyone said it couldn't be done - until someone came along and just made it“
3.03.2022/by Martin Rößler

3.03.2022 - ROADRUNNER – The name is the mission

The PRACHT immediate programme includes luminaires that are ready for dispatch within 48 hours.
3.03.2022/by Martin Rößler